Competition Detail
Competition Code24H70M18
Date14 Jul 2018
15 Jul 2018
OrganizerLAT-AMA - Eduarda Lapsiņa loka šaušanas sporta klubs “Amazones”
PlaceSalas pagasts
Name70m Round 24h
DescriptionClub competition
NotesGeneral rules: Competitions is for teams and individuals (mixed gender teams are allowed) in recurve bow division. Team must shoot 12 x 70m Round (12x72=864 arrows). Shooting time will be set according to shooters abilities – aim is to shoot 36 arrows per hour. Maximum 4 archers per team, mini9mum - 2. Archers must be at least 16 years old.
Place and time: 14 and 15 of July, SK AMAZONES summer archery base (Babites novads, Salas pagasts, GPS - N- 56.92874, S- 23.73703).
9:00-11:45 – registration, equipment inspection and warm up at training field (training field is open 24h)
11:45-12:00 – opening ceremony
12:00 (14 of July) – 12:00 (15 of July) – 12 x 70m Round
13:00 – awarding ceremony
Entry fee: every team must pay 50.00 EUR
Registration: Teams have to make registration at LAF site till to 10.July 2018.:…/llsf-sacensibas/aktualas-sacensibas/.
Awarding: Diplomas and medals will be given for teams and individuals (best 70m Round results - women and men seperately). In case of equal results – x, 10 and 9 will be counted.
Dress code: According to WA general rules. Archer’s surname and country/club must written be on shirt.